CMP.X - Trade Promotion Managment Software

Trade Promotions generate up to 50% of your business

90% of the market will digitalize trade promotion workflow processes before 2025

Be a front runner in the promotion transformation with CMP.X trade promotion management software

If you landed on CMP.X page you already know that trade promotions are critical to the success of your business and at the same time are very challenging to manage.

CMP.X is the solution that can enhance your profitability and drastically improve your promotion workflow.

01 | Define Planning standards

CMP.X documents past performance, improving the likelihood of effective and profitable promotion planning.

02 | Automate planning

CMP.X can automatically generate promotion for the upcoming season based on the results of previous years.

03 | Track and automate execution

After a promotion is planned, trade details are automatically pushed to manufacturers, logistics and retailers.

04 | Collect and analyse data

CMP.X helps users tracking live status of promotions and analyse trade data and statistics.

01 | Complete SaaS

No client installation required, frequent free functionality updates, access from everywhere.

02 | Efficient and fast planning

Planning promotions takes only a few minutes, details are shared among stakeholder, only one version of the planning available, risk of mistakes reduced.

03 | Seamless integration opportunities

Integration with exiting ERP, CRM and BI. Seamless product, price, category, customer, sell-in and sell-out data sharing among all platforms.

04 | State of art security

State of art cloud security for data protection, encrypted data transfer among different platforms, different user roles for employees and approval processes.

Success Story

CMP.X is currently used by Unilever Denmark, Sweden and Finland. CMP.X is among the best platforms on the market to deal with the complexity of a global fast moving consumer goods conglomerate.

Functional rich IT platform for every department

CMP.X For Marketing

Report on promotion success rate
Automated promotion panning
Live promotion follow up
Change promotion on the go based on competitor behaviour

CMP.X For Sales

Report negotiated agreements with customers
Access crucial information outside the office and during customer meetings
Forecast impact of customers negotiations
CRM integration for improved and automated communication

CMP.X For Finance

BI and ERP integration
Collection of Sell-in and Sell-out data
Promotion profitability analysis of past promotions
Financial forecast for upcoming season

CMP.X For Supply Chain

Automatic notification of promotions
Automatic adjustment of production schedule
Assess packing operations
Update delivery schedule

Team behind CMP.X

Danny Dyrman Christensen

Danny founded Knowledge Cube in 2005 including the CMP.X software platform. Before that Danny worked as an auditor and consultant for PwC. Danny coded most of the early versions of CMP.X.

Fritjof Lind

Has worked as a senior director in the IT services industry. Today he's a strategic advisor and professional board member in numerous companies, including Knowledge Cube. Fritjof has a proven track record in selling and implementing complex IT solutions.